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PHARMACOKINETICS Topical minoxidil usage is absorbed in a very little amount only approximately of 1,4% (Range 03-4.5%) out of the total dosage as to be involved in the systemic circulation. From 1 ml Regrou forte containing 50 mg minoxidilapplied on skin, only 0.70 mg absorbed

 Mechanism of Action
If uses systematically, Minoxidil, shall serve as a vasodilator periphery. Topical usage shall be effective for hair growth on androgenetic alopecia with the first growth effect starts on the fourth month or more, and it varies between one patient to another. Clinical test result proofs that topical usage does not present systemic effects if applied under the suggested dosage.
  1. Treat Androgenetic baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia).
  2. Treat Arcata Alopecia Baldness


Patient With Minoxidil, propylene glycol, or Alcohol hypersensivity.


Store at cool place 15°-3O°C in a tightly closed container, and light protected

Bottle of 30ml
Manufactured by
No. Reg. DKL 0028602241B1
  1. For external use only. Apply only as instructed. Apply medicine on the affected areas with 1 ml dosage, applied twice a day. One day application may not excess of 2 ml. Total dosage should be applied without concerning the baldness area size.
  2. Apply Regrou Forte in dry hands and skin. Start from central area, put a thin layer with brush on all areas. For more even results apply 1 ml total dosage for 6 time lubrication. Wash hand 19 after applying this product and do not sleep for 30 minutes during the medication to avoid vanished product on cushion. On continuous usage, growth effect starts on the fourth month or more, and it varies between one patient to another
  1. Medication shall be applied on normal and health scalp. Product absorption may increase on inflammed skin.
  2. Do not apply production other non affected areas.
  3. Do not use hair dryer to dry hairs as it will reduce product efficacy.
  4. Keep out of reach of children.
  5. This product may only be administered to 18 - 65 years old patients.
  6. Flow appropriate amount of cold water in case of unintentionally contact on sensitive areas (eyes, wounded skin, mucous cell) to cause irritation and poignant sense.
  7. Ingestion may cause systemic effect related to vasodilator function of minoxidil (2ml 5% Regrou Forte containing 100 mg minoxidil) and excessive oral dosage may occurs on cardiovascular effects, namely liquid retention, tachycardia blood pressure decrease. Immediately consult physician in case of this occurrence. Liquid retention may be managed with appropriate diuretics theraphy. Tachycardia may be controlled by "beta adrenergic blocking agent" treatment. Hypotension may be managed with Intravenous isotonic NaCl treatment.
  8. Upon product discontinuation, drugs lifecycle will keep continue until achieving its growth peak effect, as then retarding, and about 7% fall off hairs shall occur after 1 year.

Within 45 to 5 years following drugs discontinuation, hairs still grow thicker from its early treatment. Patient should visit the physician aster 1 month treatment.

  1. Further examination is continued at least 6 months later to know the systemic effect occurrence stop Regrou Forte usage in case of systemic effect shall occur.
  2. Patients with Cardiac disease, irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), cardiac vessel disorders are not suggested to use Regrou. Forte. Regrou Forte treatment for any other cardiovascular disease should be firstly consulted with physician.
  3. Hypertension patient or patient on antihypertension treatment must be accurately monitored. If necessary, the given treatment should be adjusted with existing condition. Unknown effect of Regrou Forte on skin disease partient, or patient with topical corticosteroid treatment, or other topical treatment for other skin diseases.
  4. Do not combine this product with other topical products, such as corticosteroids, tertinoin, petrolatum, or other products, in which may stimulate the pharmacology of this product.
  5. Only forman.
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